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This platform, based on the MADRE project, aims to connect the actors involved in metropolitan agriculture and food systems in the Mediterranean. We compiled dozens of innovative projects around this theme, as well as resources to improve our collective knowledge. From Tirana to Barcelona, from rooftop greenhouses to organic farmers’ markets, find out about these exciting new ventures by clicking on the « Practices » tab!

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More collaboration and interactions between actors involved in metropolitan agriculture and food systems can only lead to more efficiency, more innovation and a more sustainable development of the region. Every “practice” page shows the contact information of its creators, feel free to email them! You can also learn more about the partners of the MADRE project by clicking on the “Partners” tab. The forum will help you share your experiences and meet other professionals.

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This platform is yours! You’re encouraged to share your own project, resources and good practices with us, we would be delighted to showcase them on our platform. They will probably be very useful to other users across the Mediterranean. Just click “submit ” on the appropriate pages. You can add new actors (including yourself) by clicking on “Submit new stakeholder” on the map above. You can also check if events will be happening in your country by clicking on the “Events” tab. This platform was made for you, and we would welcome a participation as wide as possible !

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