Too bad not one game in history has done crafting nicely

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    Chalk it up to bad luck if you’d like but I shouldn’t be pushed from needing to play with because the decor items I have did not match each other following weeks of playing, I suggest that’s just nuts in a match such as this it sucked. Like I bet you will find a Lot of really cool things but I never saw them

    It is quite hard to wrap yourself up at the non-concrete aims of the game. Terraforming your island is dull, the villagers are somewhat more expensive than ever, along with the crafting is simply bothersome.

    Watching my wife play is easily the most frustrating thing. She has made this amazing island, but almost none of it’s practical. I think it is crazy that a huge game such as RDR2 can have this kind of lively and lively open world, yet a relatively confined game like AC has almost none of that.

    Nintendo in general is so bad at providing amazing matches with half baked features. The gloss is off the charts, but sometimes I truly wonder if they actually perform their own games occasionally.

    Yes, let’s not forget the thrilling gameplay of fish lure one , or being unable to get your storage to craft out of. What about getting all these un-interactable items?

    Too bad not one game in history has done crafting nicely that Nintendo could hear from.

    I imagine he’s referring to you implying Nintendo has a history of half baked gameplay, which is pretty false.

    Nothing you said is that a devolution from NH but something thats been happening since the next match. After 3 matches I dont believe its happening.

    These are verbatim the same reasons I stopped playing the game. I believed I was the only damn one.

    Oh yeah, it is the best-selling sport in HISTORY in Japan. Why even bother trying to improve upon what made the show great?

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