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    2023 New Watch BELL & ROSS – Bell & Ross Releases BR 03-92 PAF Limited Automatic high quality replica watches to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the French Patrol Air Demonstration Team
    <p>Since its establishment in 1994, Bell & Ross has used the dashboard of an aircraft as the design inspiration for the case. BELL & ROSS has always been closely connected with aviation. At present, the multinational military special forces choose Bell & Ross as the designated timepiece for their missions. Launched a variety of watches, this year coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Patrouille de France performance team, Bell & Ross specially launched the BR 03-92 PAF 70th anniversary commemorative watch to celebrate its success, the azure blue dial has the PAF team logo at 9 o’clock , There is also the 70th anniversary at 3 o’clock. The color of the whole watch is also based on the blue, white and red colors of the French flag. The ceramic bottom cover is engraved with many legendary aircraft that served from 1953 to 1981.</p>
    <p>Since its establishment in 1994, BELL & ROSS has been drawing inspiration from the aerospace and military worlds, especially the most stringent legibility and reliable performance requirements of aerospace instruments, which have inspired the brand quite a lot. The shadow of flying instruments can be seen from the design of the luxury replica Watches, the layout of the dial and its functions. At present, the military special forces of many countries choose BELL & ROSS as the designated timepiece when performing missions, which is an affirmation of the excellent quality of the brand’s watches, including the Patrouille de France, the patrol aerobatic team of the French Air Force, which is known as the world’s best watch. One of the Fancy Aerobatic Fleet, which acts as an ambassador for the French aerospace industry. The alliance between the patrol aerobatic team and BELL & ROSS is more meaningful than the cooperation between ordinary brands. Just as the aerobatic team requires the tacit understanding between the team members, the performance team and BELL & ROSS are respectively the authority in the field of flight and watchmaking, with the same concept In the same way, the two sides have cooperated more and more closely since 2021, and have established a solid and solid partnership so far.</p>
    <p>blue white red french style</p>
    <p>The BR 03-92 PAF watch must be said to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Patrol Air Show Team. Coating treatment, highlighting the contrast of design details, equipped with BR-CAL 302 self-winding movement, with hours, minutes, seconds and date display, the case is waterproof to about 100 meters, limited to 999 pieces. Bell & Ross specially selected a bright bright blue dial for this new work, which echoes the uniform color of the pilots of the aerobatic team. The logo of the performance team and the 70th anniversary logo are placed on both sides of the dial. The national flag is blue, white and red.replica watches on sale</p>
    <p>Legendary fighter complete search<br>
    Over the past 70 years, the Patrol Air Demonstration Team has touched countless hearts, thanks to the outstanding performance of skilled pilots and fighter jets. The fighter jets are slender in appearance, as graceful as a dragon, piercing the sky and exciting—the Thunderjet, which entered service in 1953, the Alphajet, which entered service in 1981, as well as Ouragan, Mystère IV and Fouga Magister are all classic legends, and they appeared together in BR 03- The ceramic case back of the 92 PAF 70th Anniversary Watch is a tribute to these legendary fighters. In order to pay homage to the legend, some technical challenges had to be overcome. Bruno Belamich, another founder and creative director, said: "Since the aerobatic team was established in 1953, these five fighters have been in service successively. It was more complicated for the design department, but of course the task was successfully completed in the end.” Buy replica watches</p>
    <p>Colonel Malard, Director of SIRPA Air and Space, said: "The French Air Force and BELL & ROSS have established a close and trustworthy partnership since 2020, based on the aerobatic team brand and the common philosophy of both parties – self-transcendence, relentless innovation, strict precision and unity Consistent, always is the belief that the performance team and BELL & ROSS adhere to. More importantly, both parties are also striving for excellence and are committed to improving the status of French technology and culture, which makes the cooperation between the two parties have more profound significance. </p>
    <p>The French Air Force is delighted to celebrate the aerobatic team with Bell & Ross Best replica watches The 70th anniversary of its establishment, the commemorative series of watches launched this time is the crystallization of the common philosophy and enthusiasm of both parties.” Carlos Rosillo, President and Co-Founder of Bell & Ross, said: “The aerobatic team is an elite force of the French Air Force and a member of the French military. and the ambassadors of outstanding achievements in aerospace technology, BELL & ROSS served as the partner of the performance team, because it coincides with the concept and values ​​of the performance team, the BR 03-92 PAF 70th anniversary watch has witnessed the relationship between BELL & ROSS and military aviation Rich and long history."</p>
    <p>The elite force of the French Air Force – Patrouille de France was founded in 1953 and has soared in the sky for 70 years. It is known as one of the most outstanding fancy aerobatic fleets in the world. Division, performance excellence, established an extraordinary status and reputation for the fleet. The performance team is a symbol of the excellence of the French military and the aerospace industry. Every performance is amazing in terms of technology and art. Rigorous preparations and precise execution performances have achieved repeated innovations in the past 70 years. These valuable experiences And the principle is still in line with the times today, and even more coincides with the concept of BELL & ROSS. Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the performance team, BELL & ROSS specially presents a limited edition BR 03 series to celebrate its grand occasion. perfect replica watches</p>

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