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    Geography of the payment system – make sure that the payment system works in the countries from which you want to serve customers.
    Percentage on transactions. Find out how much the system will take from each money transaction and take this into account when pricing. Read the documentation carefully to notice the hidden fee in time. For example, a bank may not indicate tariffs for making a card payment and assign a commission individually.
    Withdrawal conditions. The first step is to make sure that it is generally possible to cash out funds in your area. For example, it will not be possible to cash out with PayPal now in Ukraine. Everyone has their own policy, and there may be pitfalls.
    Is the logic of the payment system an aggregator or a direct payment gateway? It depends on how the user will pay and where you will subsequently withdraw money from.
    Technical connection conditions – they directly depend on the platform on which your site is being developed. Whether the system works as a plugin, through an open API, or in a different way. For example, if the site is developed on the WordPress constructor, you will be able to connect the plugin yourself. If the site is self-written, even on the same WordPress, then you need to work through the code.

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    Hello, I can say that these are the basic principles that must first be taken into account when choosing a payment system. And then you can pay attention to the quality of technical support, the interface and other subtleties. I recently read about a payment system at that meets all the necessary requirements for processing payments and has become very popular lately.

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