Casale della Mora

AIAB ER (Italian Association for Organic Farming – Emilia-Romagna Region) has been launched as a regional branch of the national association AIAB to promote the safeguard of the environment through the implementation of organic agriculture as agricultural production method. Casale della Mora-Bio Hostel has been launched by AIAB ER to create a place with focus on Ecological and Responsible Tourism relevant at local, regional, national and international level. The initiative has been launched also for improve the link between the city and peri-urban/rural areas.

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Function / Organisation : Local contact , Casale della Mora

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via Nino Tavoni, 20
41058, Vignola (Modena Province), Italia


  • IFOAM International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
  • Ethic Bank, cooperative bank based on ethical finance principles
  • ICEA – Institute for the Ethic and Environmental Certification
  • City of Vignola, financial support to the Bio-Hostel initiative

  • Emilia-Romagna Region, Agriculture Directorate


AIAB ER aims at promoting and disseminating the organic methods to promote a sustainable agriculture, environment safeguard and responsible consumptions on food.

Casale della Mora-Bio Hostel aims at promoting the culture of ecological and responsible tourism through a strict contact with agriculture and rural area; it also aims at reinforcing the link between citizens and farmers and disseminating sustainable agricultural practices.

Legal framework & Budget

AIAB ER is a promotional culture association, and manages the Bio Hostel Casale della Mora.


Casale della Mora-Bio Hostel, main activities and services: Bed & breakfast with low costs, certified environmental and social sustainability, promoting the ecological and social responsibility and tourism; Breakfast with bio and local product, also from fair-trade; Ecological cleaning products; Certified and Natural fibres linen; Promotion of the tourist offer in partnership with the City of Vignola and the Emilia-Romagna Region (and others); Bicycle rental; Point of sale of organic and local products; International Library on agriculture and ecological agriculture; Events for raising awareness among citizens about social and environmental sustainability; Bio market; Recreational activities for children; Didactic ort. AIAB ER, main activities: Promotion and dissemination of organic agriculture method through Events, workshops, publications, involving consumers and farmers; Promotion of Solidarity Purchasing Group setting up for reinforce the relationship between farmers and consumers; Technical assistance and support to agricultural businesses; Training courses for farmers and technicians.

>Innovation & Outcomes

Casale della Mora is made innovative by: Techniques innovation: development of innovative organic production systems and development of common standards for practices. Stakeholders involvement innovation: close cooperation with private and public research institutions to promote research and innovation. Product innovation: improvement of organic certification through multiple actor approach. About Outcomes: 400 agricultural and organic businesses placed in the Emilia-Romagna Region; management of the Bio Hostel since 2 years AIAB has also 16 regional branches and information points for organic method and products information.

Main obstacles & Next steps

One obstacle is represented by access to technical and financial resources for launching the initiative.

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Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund